Articles from July 2017

Caitlin Caris: Support RVAP

C-a-i-t-l-i-n C-a-r-i-s, little Caitlin rehearsed in her head as she walked along the narrow sidewalk during recess outside of Longfellow Elementary school. As she repeated her name once more, little Caitlin realized her last name was pronounced with the word “care.

Ileana Higashiyama: Support RVAP

The support of a community can make a world of difference in the way a person heals after experiencing a traumatic event and experiences growth through the healing process.

Susan Junis: Support RVAP

Sexual violence is an issue that impacts all of us and it takes the entire community to stand up against it.

Katryn Duarte: Support RVAP

La vida nos lleva por unos rumbos inciertos. Yo comencé mi trabajo en contra de la violencia de género por casualidad. En ese tiempo yo estaba trabajando en el sector de informática, y el destino cambió mi trayectoria.

Adam Robinson: Support RVAP

According to the Department of Justice, every 98 seconds someone in the United States is sexually assaulted.

Rachel Zuckerman: Support RVAP

During my two years as a Resident Assistant at the University of Iowa, I found solace in knowing that if a resident shared with me that they were sexually assaulted, there would be a place to turn for free, confidential support. That place was RVAP.