Wednesday, November 14, 2018

 For the past 45 years, the Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP) has existed with the core beliefs that everyone deserves to live a life free from sexual violence, and that anyone who has survived sexual violence deserves inclusive access to the kind of support that fits their individual healing process. 

Aligned with our colleagues throughout the country, and grounded in Gandhian philosophy, RVAP is working to evolve and expand our services so that people who unserved, underserved, and inadequately served in our society can access and benefit from our services.  Toward this end we are working hard internally to expand our anti-oppression lens, while at the same time engaging our colleagues in Culturally Specific Programs here in Iowa to develop meaningful partnerships based on respect.

All of us at RVAP believe that a world free of sexual violence is possible, and we need your support so that we can continue to take vital steps towards creating this world…together.  Please join us by supporting this campaign.

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Adam Robinson


Executive Director

Rape Victim Advocacy Program