support groups starting soon

New Groups Starting January 2020

RVAP has two new groups starting in January 2020.   They are located in Iowa City, IA.   For more information visit our Get Help - Support Groups page!
rvap is moving to new address

RVAP's Iowa City office is MOVING!

RVAP's Iowa City office is moving to 108 River Street!  

*** From Tuesday, September 24 - Friday, September 27, RVAP's Iowa City office will be closed in order to move.

Barb Duder: Support RVAP

I consider it an amazing honor to live in rural Iowa. One of the greatest things about living in a small community is that we come together as a family when our community is in need.

Katryn Duarte: Support RVAP

I associate HOPE with RVAP’s daily work. As a word it cannot be bought,  It does not belong to one person, to one organization, it does not have a monetary value; it belongs to each one of “US”.

Patricia Zebrowski: Support RVAP

RVAP and the people who carry out its mission provide safe harbor for victims of sexual violence - something that touches people from all walks of life and in every community.
Susan Junis

Susan Junis: Support RVAP

Sexual violence impacts every single person. With 1 in 2 trans individuals, 1 in 4 women, and 1 in 6 men experiencing sexual violence at some point in their lives, even if we ourselves have not been harmed, we all know someone who has.

Adam Robinson: Support RVAP

 For the past 45 years, the Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP) has existed with the core beliefs that everyone deserves to live a life free from sexual violence, and that anyone who has survived sexual violence deserves inclusive access to the kind of support that fits their individual healing process.…

Sarah Hansen: Support RVAP

As long as sexual violence exists, RVAP will be here to help one step at a time. We are asking you to help us take an important step forward.

Kimmie Andresen-Reed: Support RVAP

For over 4 years I've worked with survivors of sexual violence that identify as LGBTQIA. Creating programming that is by and for LGBTQIA people is my passion, and progress that I'm excited to continue at RVAP. Your support ensures that this effort continues to grow.

Melissa Shivers: Support RVAP

Every survivor of sexual violence deserves the services of a dedicated community of people that are trained to handle their specific needs. The physical, emotional, and psychological reactions to sexual assault are varied and nuanced.