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The Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP) is a sexual assault victim advocate and prevention education agency at the University of Iowa that has also hosted the Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline (ISAH) since 1999. The oldest stand-alone comprehensive sexual assault program in Iowa, and among the oldest nationally, RVAP serves anyone who has been impacted by sexual violence—survivors and/or their loved ones in the following eastern Iowa counties: Cedar, Des Moines, Henry, Iowa, Johnson, Lee, Washington, and Van Buren. This includes but is not limited to individuals of any age, gender, identity, culture, etc.

Our mission is to provide free, confidential, trauma-informed advocacy to all affected by sexual violence and promote social change through prevention education. With state and federal funding on the decline, now more than ever we are relying on private donations to continue our services.

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Although our funding needs are much larger than this crowdfunding campaign, we see this as a great opportunity to secure funding quickly for a few of our many vital services. The dollars raised through this campaign will be directed as follows:

If we raise $2,500, we will be able to provide victim assistance, including emergency housing and transportation services for victims seeking support and safety as they continue their healing journeys.

If we raise $5,000, we will be able to cover annual cell phone costs to provide 24/7 crisis response to anyone impacted by sexual violence throughout RVAP’s eight county service area.

If we raise $10,000, we'll be able to provide 24/7 in-person advocacy support and crisis response services to ensure survivors of sexual assault have access to support during the forensic medical examination and legal disclosure processes.

Thank you for supporting our vision to create a community free of sexual violence. Your donation—at any level—will have a meaningful impact on the lives of survivors right here in Iowa. Thank you!

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