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March 27-April 8

Vision Wall
IMU, Kendal Gallery
Display available during IMU open hours

UISG/GPSG is hosting a Vision Wall in the Kendal Gallery on the first floor of the IMU that will remain up April 8.  The wall includes a poster with the prompt, “Imagine a world without sexual violence.  What would be different?”  All visitors are encouraged to write their answer on a post-it and hang it on the vision wall.

April 1

Letter to My Body
Iowa City Public Library Meeting Room D

Letter To My Body displays letters written by community members about times they felt love, shame, pride, guilt, about their bodies and times they felt in control of what happened to them (or lack of control).

Hosted by Monsoon

April 4

My Body Is My Own

University of Iowa Pentacrest

 This event will celebrate self love and body autonomy by sharing anonymous stories from community members in a visual arts display on the University of Iowa Pentacrest.

 Hosted by Student Advocates for Planned Parenthood

April 8

Queer Art Healing Group: Queer Generative Writing Workshop
Wesley Center Coffeehouse

 This interactive LGBTQIA-centered workshop invites writers to construct pieces based on their own life stories, get new ideas, and gain new writing skills. Supplies will be provided!

This workshop will be facilitated by Zoe Polach, an adjunct instructor from the Magrid Center for Undergraduate Writing. The workshop is one of two events during April which are a part of the Queer Art Healing Group.

This is the first promotional event for Pride Out Loud: The Queer Monologues which will occur in June.

 Hosted by RVAP and Transformative Healing

April 10

Military Sexual Trauma Resource Fair & Veterans Clothesline
Iowa City VAMC cafeteria

In honor of SAAM, VA's nationwide are developing events to promote "Pathways to Healing." Iowa City will highlight VA and community resources available to our military sexual trauma survivors on their paths of healing, as well as a clothesline created by veterans to illustrate their experiences.

Hosted By Iowa City Veterans Affairs Military Sexual Trauma Committee

VA Brown Bag: The Neurobiology of Trauma
Iowa City VAMC cafeteria

Barbara Duder, RVAP Behavioral Health Consultant/Rural SART coordinator (and veteran) will be presenting on "Sexual Violence and Response, Neurobiology of Trauma, and Trauma-Informed Interviewing." Survivors, community members, and VA staff are welcome.

Hosted By Iowa City Veterans Affairs Military Sexual Trauma Committee

April 11

Meet Us On the Street
University of Iowa Pentacrest

This event is a part of international stop street harassment week and a portion of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. At this event we will be providing information on street harassment awareness and prevention.

Hosted by RVAP and the University of Iowa School of Social Work

Consent Karaoke
Studio 13

Join RVAP as we belt out only the best karaoke ballads! Add your voice to the chorus for a night of empowering, fun songs all focused on healthy relationships and consent. Donations encouraged – prizes available for best performance!

Hosted by RVAP and Studio 13

Voices of Resistance: Stories of Telling Truth to Power
The Mill-120 E. Burlington St. Iowa City

True stories of resistance, empowerment and inspiration from local community members

Hosted By Women* First

 April 12

Supporting Survivors Training
Pride Alliance Center

Join Pride Alliance Center staff in this training on how to respond to and support survivors of sexual violence. This training will include info about confidential and non-confidential resources on campus, incidence rates of violence against LGBTQIA folks, and how to provide support & referrals to survivors.

Hosted by RVAP and Pride Alliance Center

April 13

This Is MY Body
Coralville Public Library

A space for women of color and immigrants to talk about violence they have experienced in a supporting community.

Hosted by RVAP

April 17

Voices Against Violence on Bodies of Color

This event provides participants the opportunity to express their experiences with intersecting forms of oppression and violence in a supportive space, as well as honor others' stories of survival & healing.

If you are an artist and would like to share your writing or spoken word, music, or any kind of visual art, we welcome your submission. You can submit your work at Please include your name, a brief bio, and the content you wish to perform!

Hosted by RVAP and Merge

Pasta and Pups
Old Brick

Therapy dogs and pasta will be brought and served at Old Brick as a self-care event during the month. This is a fundraiser for RVAP.

Hosted by Beta Theta Pi Fraternity

April 18

The Hunting Ground Screening and Panel Discussion
Van Allen Hall LR1

A screening and panel discussion of the documentary exploring the epidemic of campus sexual assault.

Hosted by WRAC

April 20

Trauma Informed Yoga
Beloved Community Initiative
Old Brick

Join us for a free Trauma Informed Yoga Class open to anyone who has been directly impacted by violence and support people. Mental health resources will be available for anyone who is interested in learning more about what Johnson County has to offer!

Hosted by RVAP, The Exhale Project, and Optimae Life Services

April 22

Queer Art Healing Group: Bob Ross Painting
Wesley Center Coffeehouse

Join us as we make happy trees following along to Bob Ross painting videos. All LGBTQIA folks are welcome to participate in this public, drop in event. Supplies provided!

Hosted by RVAP and Transformative Healing

April 25

The Clothesline Project
University of Iowa

The Clothesline Project was created to address the issue of gender based violence.  It is a vehicle for survivors of violence and those who care for them to express their emotions by decorating a t-shirt and then hanging it on a clothesline to be viewed by others as a testimony of their experience.

Hosted by RVAP

April 27-28

Queer Health Advocates Training
UCC 2390

Queer Health Advocates are trained volunteers who accompany and advocate for members of the community who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, aromantic, queer, or questioning during medical appointments. LGBTQIA people often face harassment, discrimination, and even violence in healthcare settings. This is a community effort to shift power dynamics in medical settings and promote safety.

You must register in advance and interview with the RVAP volunteer coordinator to attend the training. To get started, visit the Queer Health Advocates application page.

Hosted by RVAP

April 29

Self-Care Potluck
5:30 pm-8:30 pm
University of Iowa Cultural House

The UI Cultural Centers, WRAC, and RVAP are joining together for the 4th year to provide a night of self-care for students. Visit the cultural houses and enjoy different activities at each house, including candle making, music, crafts, and snacks!

Hosted by RVAP, WRAC, Afrohouse, LNACC, APACC, Pride Alliance Center

April 30

Take Back the Night
University of Iowa Pentacrest

Rally, march, and survivor speak out to stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence.

Hosted by WRAC

May 2

Gridshock Documentary
University of Iowa
IMU Main Lounge

Vanessa McNeal, a filmmaker and survivor of sexual violence sets out to explore the often overlooked reality about why the sex trafficking industry thrives. The truth is that sex trafficking wouldn’t exist without the unquenchable thirst and demand for it. On the quest to learn more, Vanessa discovers who the johns/buyers are and why there is a culture of impunity that hides and protects them. In this riveting and truly disturbing documentary what you think you know about sex trafficking will be challenged. What is hidden will come to light, even in a midwestern state like Iowa. The film features survivors of sex trafficking, local and federal law enforcement, advocates, politicians, and a recovering sex addict.

Events Outside of Iowa City

March 25-April 5

The Clothesline Project and What I was Wearing
During Library Open Hours
Washington Public Library 2nd floor gallery
Washington, IA

The intent of the What Was I Wearing installation is to create a tangible response to one of our most pervasive rape culture myths. The belief that clothing or what someone what wearing "causes" rape is extremely damaging for both survivors and for our community.

The Clothesline Project showcases the art of survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones.

Hosted by RVAP


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