College & University Educational Programs

University of Iowa 

The following are programs designed for the University of Iowa Community. For inquiries, please contact our University Prevention Education Coordinator, Susan Junis, at or 319.335.6001.

Bystander Intervention

Develop the skills to be an effective and active bystander. University of Iowa presentations can be co-presented with the Women’s Resource and Action Center.

Affirmative Consent

Learn about affirmative consent practices in a sex positive framework through concrete examples of incorporating affirmative consent into real-life situations. The program shows examples of what consent is not, talks about the ways we’re socialized not to expect consent, and includes small group work on how to ask for consent.

Dismantling Rape Culture

Become familiar with the way in which our society both subtly and overtly supports sexual violence while providing participants a framework to challenge rape culture in their own lives. The session offers pop culture exemplifications of rape culture, discusses the repercussions of not challenging it, and offers small group work on how to challenge it using popular song lyrics and/or scenarios.

Queering Consent 

Explore the history of consent practices in queer communities and the current landscape of consent in LGBT and queer spaces and relationships.

Iowa Wesleyan College, Kirkwood Community College & Southeastern Community College

RVAP’s mission is to facilitate and help train members of the collegiate communities in our eight county service area to deliver educational integrated programming, initiatives, strategies, and campaigns intended to end dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking to college students, staff, and faculty that:

  • Are culturally relevant, inclusive of diverse communities and identities
  • Sustainable
  • Responsive to community needs
  • Informed by research or assessed for value, effectiveness, or outcome
  • Consider environmental risk and protective factors as they occur on the individual, relationship, institutional, community, and societal levels

RVAP can help consult campus administrations on questions they may have about VAWA, Cleary Act, and Title IX/SaVE Act.

To learn more about our education & prevention programs contact the RVAP Community Education & Prevention Coordinator, Britt Griffin at 319.335.6001 or email at

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