Community Educational Programs

“The key is to create and sustain healthy norms in our communities. In addition to holding individual perpetrators accountable and providing quality services for victims, communities need a comprehensive prevention strategy. We must tip the balance in communities and replace current norms with norms that promote respect, safety, equality and healthy relationships and sexuality. This beckons for a primary prevention approach and a community-wide solution” (Parks & Cohen, 2006, p. 5).

Our mission is to create a community free from sexual violence and we are dedicated to partner with community partners, agencies, and general members to reach this goal.  If you are interested in having a RVAP staff member participate in your next event or speak to members of your community (business, support group, school, team, etc.) about sexual violence awareness, primary prevention, or our services please contact the RVAP Community Education & Prevention Coordinator, Britt Griffin at 319.335.6001 or email at