Your academic institution's responsibility (K-12 school, college, university)

By law, every K-12 school, college, or university receiving federal funding is required to have procedures put in place for responding to sexual violence that occurs on school grounds, by someone affiliated with the school, and/or during a hosted event. Procedures and policies vary by school. For more information on relevant laws, see Title IX Clery Act and Campus SaVE Act.

This means if you have experienced sexual violence on school grounds, by someone affiliated with your school and/or during a hosted event and are struggling with class, feeling unsafe on school grounds and/or would like to pursue sanctioning for the perpetrator, you may have the right to certain reporting options and accommodations through your school. Note that reporting to your school is separate from reporting to law enforcement.

How an advocate can help

Advocates can help explain reporting options and procedures, answer questions, advocate for accommodations, accompany you during meetings, interviews, and other school proceedings. Advocates can also assist with medical and legal proceedings. Advocates are confidential, free of charge, and can accompany you as much or as little throughout the process. Call our support line at 319-335-6000 or 1-800-228-1625 to speak with an advocate.

Options through your school