Doula services for survivors and their families

A doula is a person specially trained to provide support to people during pregnancy, birth, reproductive healthcare, and the postpartum period. Doulas may also provide support to people going through infant loss or choosing to end a pregnancy. Pregnancy, the postpartum period, and other reproductive healthcare may be difficult for survivors of sexual violence and bring up feelings about past trauma. Sometimes obstetric violence (violence perpetrated by healthcare providers during pregnancy and birth) also falls under the definition of sexual violence. Survivors of obstetric violence may benefit from having an advocate or doula to process their trauma and receive support for future reproductive healthcare.

What doula services does RVAP offer?

  • Support and counseling for survivors of obstetric violence and birth trauma
  • Childbirth education
  • Education on your rights in childbirth
  • Birth planning
  • Antepartum support
  • Postpartum doula services (infant care education, nursing support, etc.)
  • Reproductive healthcare advocacy & accompaniment (with or without pregnancy)
  • Pregnancy termination support
  • Bereavement and infant loss support
  • Transition related healthcare advocacy
  • Culturally informed healthcare advocacy and pregnancy support LGBTQIA people 
  • Support for survivors with postpartum depression and other perinatal mood disorders
  • Legal advocacy for proceedings related to the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act, which terminates parental rights for rapists to a child conceived from rape
  • Help you seek accountability for a healthcare provider who caused you harm
  • Emergency financial assistance for pregnancy, infant, and reproductive healthcare needs
  • Referrals to community resources
All services are free and confidential. To set up an appointment, please call 319-335-6000 during business hours (Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).