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A Kind Thank You

We are able to provide sustainable and continue services to all those affected by sexual violence through the generous support of grants, communities, and individuals like you. In other words, you are the key to our sustainability, the reason our doors are open to survivors. There are many worthy causes and organizations for you to lend your financial support, so thank you for your time and consideration of RVAP as your philanthropic choice. 

Funding Sources

We utilize an individual donor and foundation giving philosophy. Examples include but are not limited to state and federal grants, University of Iowa support, annual and one time donations, repeat and one time small business donations, United Way giving, Community Foundations, planned giving, and an annual Appeal Mailer Campaign.


We recognize that it provides services in eight counties with a disparity in resources and need. The distribution of these funds is done based on an assessment of need, current programming, and future development. As stewards of both tax-payer funds and donations, we utilize multiple designation distinctions for the appropriation of funding sources. We can provide targeted stewardship for accurate and equitable funding distribution. Applications of these safeguards insures that monies are reallocated ethically throughout the entire service area.