Together We Can END This

1. Start by believing survivors

This helps creates a path towards healing and justice. Positive reactions can influence survivors to reach out to others and create a supportive network necessary for healing. A negative response can worsen the effects of sexual trauma and allow perpetrators to live consequence-free. Click here for some tips on supporting survivors and make sure to like the new Johnson County Start By Believing Facebook page! 

2. Learn more

Understandably so, the dynamics of sexual violence are difficult to learn about. It is challenging to come to terms with the shocking frequency of which sexual violence occurs. However, educating yourself and others is required to change social norms, hold perpetrators accountable and prevent sexual violence. Click here for information about our prevention education programs.

3. Get involved & take action

Turn your awareness into action by getting involved! We offer volunteer and internship opportunities assisting survivors and their loved ones directly and indirectly all year round. April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, is especially full of events and activities that thrive on volunteer commitment and engagement.

4. Be an active bystander

You can help prevent sexual violence by intervening in situations you notice problematic or high-risk behaviors. Trust your gut and get creative with your intervention techniques whether they are silly or unplanned as long as you stand up and don't stand by! Click here for some bystander intervention tips and tricks.

5. Connect & raise awareness!

Like and follow RVAP on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, & Youtube @RVAPiowa. Share the latest RVAP and social justice news. Spread the word and start a conversation! 

6. Make a donation

Your contribution helps us keep our doors open and our services free. Daily, we work diligently to support survivors, create social change, and prevent sexual violence. For example, your contribution can help us:

  • Ensure survivors are supported in the hospitals as forensic evidence is collected or during a criminal investigation
  • Facilitate prevention education programming in K-12 schools
  • Provide survivors with the opportunity to connect their mind and body through a trauma-informed yoga support group
  • Train local bars how to identify and prevent unwanted sexual contact 

There are many worthy causes and organizations for you to lend your financial support, so thank you for your time and consideration of RVAP as your philanthropic choice. For more information click here. To donate now click here.